Sexual Battery Cases

Sexual Battery is another term for what is commonly called rape. There are many different subcategories for sexual battery crimes.

  1. Having sex or sexual activity with someone under the age of 16 is called Lewd and Lascivious Activity and is punishable by up to fifteen years, regardless of whether or not the person agreed or consented.

  2. Having sex or sexual activity with someone who is less than the age of 12 is a Capital Sexual Battery and carries a minimum sentence of life in prison.

  3. Having sex with someone against their will is Sexual Battery and carries a potential sentence of fifteen years.

Did you know?

Sexual battery allegations are often brought out as a result of a break up or divorce, with the intent to manipulate other legal proceedings like divorce or child custody.

The State does not have to have physical evidence or DNA to charge you with sexual battery. The accuser does not have to have injuries.

If you are convicted of a sexual offense, you may be labeled a sexual offender or a sexual predator for the rest of your life. Your picture and address will be posted on the Internet.

Just having pictures on your computer can be a sex offense. Make sure that you are careful about what you download from the Internet.

Are you charged with Sexual Battery?

Patrick Trese and Teresa Williams were both assigned to the Sexual Battery Unit when they were prosecutors. There, they dealt exclusively with Sexual Batteries for two years. Both Teresa Williams and Patrick Trese have an exhaustive knowledge of the case law in this area, and are not afraid to take your case to trial. The male/female trial team is particularly suited to this type of offense. You need an experienced attorney with the legal knowledge to challenge the false allegations in your case. Call now to schedule a free consultation with Teresa Williams or Patrick Trese for your sexual battery case.